About J

I am a Bay Area-based psychotherapist, consultant and trainer who specializes in family systems, trauma and gender care.

I bring over 20 years experience to my work with individuals, families, groups and organizations, 15 of which includes a focus on gender expansive children, youth and families. I serve as Director of Community based Clinical Services and Training at the UCSF Child and Adolescent Gender Center.


My approach to care is rooted in the notion that healing occurs when one is seen, held and understood in a frame of compassion.


Philosophy & Method

I believe in the capacity of people’s stories to guide and transform.  


 My approach includes an understanding of how primary early attachments impact people, how families and groups influence each other and that a combination of exploration/talk and active skill building can assist in an increased quality of life and wellness. 

I believe wisdom resides in all of us and it can be best accessed when one feels safe and ready. 


I utilize attachment theory, family systems thinking, trauma healing modalities including Internal Family Systems , group theory and practice,  the gender affirming care model and DBT skill application with clients.